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Edible weeds you find in your yard number 4.
Fat Hen (Chenopodium album)
One of the most common weeds here in Albany Creek. Very similar to spinach and high in vitamin C, riboflavin, calcium and antioxidants. It has been tested at up to 43% protein by dry weight, who needs meat! The old English name for fat hen is Melde. The Melbourne family of Derbyshire and Cambridge, whose family member Lord Melbourne gave his name to the Australian city is itself named after this weed! Until AD 970, the name was spelt Melde-bourne . Because at one time large quantities of Melde were grown in Derbyshire and Cambridge for food and fodder.


Hairy Mary Caterpillar (Anthela acuta)
Saw this while trimming some shrubs. They are very hairy, and those hairs may cause skin irritation if in contact. Their head is large and usually have the wearing sunglasses look. The Caterpillars usually feed at night but some are active during the day.